Orange Roller Bottles

Working to meet your cell culture needs..

Our experience and versatility allows us to work to a scale to meet your requirements. Using roller bottle technology we can provide bulk production of your cell lines quickly and efficiently, ranging from a few milligrams up to multiple gram quantities.
Our standard unit of production is a litre 1 litre batch, prepared from either a frozen ampoule or a growing culture. Cells are expanded through T flask culture and used to inoculate 2 x 500ml roller bottles at a standard seeding density. The roller culture is then grown to extinction (cell viability <20%) and the confluent supernatant harvested and purified.  This process typically has a 4 week lead time.
We also provide the option of a 5-20 litre wavebag bioreactor (Appliflex system), which can be useful in the production of larger (multiple gramme) quantities.
Each of our cell culture team have many years experience working with an extensive cross section of hybridomas and other mammalian lines, ranging from poorly secreting recalcitrant lines produced in academic labs through to high performance lines producing mab for pre-clinical studies. Our SOPs for thawing, routine maintenance and scale up have been optimised over many years and enable us to react and legislate for a myriad of potential growth scenarios which may present themselves.
Cell supernatants can be provided as an un-processed x10 concentrate or can be affinity purified in-house.  Please see the Downstream Processing section for more information.