Orange Roller Bottles


Roller Bottle Technology

Roller bottle culture affords a reliable, consistent, scaleable and cost effective production platform; this allows us to easily expand batches up to 50 litres with a confidence of defined, reproducible productivity performance, generating  over 1 gramme of purified monoclonal antibody post processing.

The roller method allows concurrent scale up of multiple lines without recourse to expensive ‘hard ware’ such as stirred tanks or other fermenters and is particularly efficient for the production of relatively small quantities of mab (10-50mg) from many different hybridoma or other mammalian lines. Appliflex Wavebag Bioreactor

Appliflex Wavebag Bioreactor

We have the option of a 5-20L GMP standard wavebag bioreactor which can be useful in the production of larger multiple gram quantities. The wavebag offers lower shear stress levels than in stirred cell culture bioreactors, and oxygen transfer can be directly controlled by altering the rocking rate and the angle of the bioreactor bag. It can allow realtime measurement and control of important process parameters such as pH, DO, T and rocking speed.