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A quality immunoassay requires a quality antibody

Our downstream processing procedures allow us to produce a high standard of purified antibody from your cell culture supernatant.  Our downstream procedure for the processing of IgG antibody containing supernatant will typically involve the following:
1. Clarify harvested culture supernatant by preparative centrifugation
2. Concentrate x10 using tangential cross flow with low protein binding membrane with MWCO of 30kD
3. Purify x10 concentrated supernatant containing IgG antibodies using protein A or G affinity chromatography.  We have also developed an SOP for the purification of IgM antibodies from cell culture supernatant (other purification options available depending on molecule of interest).
NuPage Analysis of total protein load4. Dialyse eluted antibody against PBS, filter sterilise and adjust concentration to suit

We can formulate to client specifications up to 20mg/ml. Short term (up to 1 month) storage is at 4-8oC and long term (1-5 years) at -80oC. We have fully managed antibody inventories.
Our antibodies can be modified and presented in a form to suit you.  Please see our Additional post purification modification page for more infomation.
Combined with the use of ADCF media, our downstream processing procedure allows us to produce antibodies with a very high degree of purity, as demonstrated to the right.